For remote operation in CW with Flexradio there is a software keyer. Although this can be operated simply and reliably, but it does not provide a sidetone. Also you can not use a iambic keyer without using the Maestro. So I developed a software what is working as a interface bridge. This has three input sources:

  1. A iambic keyer can easily be connected to an Arduino Nano. K1NG has developed an excellent software. This can emulate a winkeyer. But there a many otions for configuration. Please switch off the winkey emulation and use the command line interface (cli). You can do it with the Arduino sourcecode in the file ‚keyer_features_and_options.h‘. An speaker or piezo buzzer can be connected to the Nano to produce a local sidetone. The Nano contains also a virtual comport what can be easily accessed. If you have keyed a letter like a ‚V‘ you will hear this letter and it is also transfered via the comport as ascii sign. The further software has only to read the ascii letter and can transfer it to the FlexRadio. You nearly need no extra components and you will get the Arduino for less then 5 $. Please see the K1NG Website for more details.
  2. Some ham multimode software can supply in cw mode ascii letters via a comport, for example Fldigi or WinWarbler. These software products works also with macros – this will make live easier. For the connection you need virtual nullmodem cable. With this a comport – pair like COM2 <> COM3 can be created. The freeware com0com works quite well. The letters will be send to the winkeyer, create sound and echoed back.
  3. It is possible to type text in a textbox an send it with a button. Also you can send with leading ‚\‘  commands to the command line interface. These are listed at the beginning of file ‚k3ng_keyer.ino‘, what is part of Arduino sourcecode. The letters will be send to the winkeyer, create sound and echoed back.


The keyed or received letters will transfered to a CAT port of the SMARTSDR software. Please create a new TCP CAT port 5002 if it not exist or use a similar port number with SMARTSDR CAT. There is a Kenwood command ‚KY text;‘ used as part of the CAT api.

Software discribtion:

The software is minimalistic and consist of two files: A exe-file and a config-file. Only copy it to directory – no Installation is required. The config file is self explaining. Please change the ports to your needs. At startup the comports are opened, it is possible to close and reopen it. If you plan to use only the winkey port and not the application port for eg. Fldigi then do not activate the virtual nullmodem cable. Start first SMARTSDR Cat and then the FlexKeyer. The echoed letters will be displayed in the memobox. Adjust the speed in wpm only in the FlexKeyer software. If you send a long text from about 20 letters maybe the speed of the Winkeyer and the Flexradio is little different. For compensation there is an entry in the config-file (1.0). If you set this to for example 1.1 then the speed
requested from Winkeyer is 10% higher than selected in speedbox. Please note that the keyed letters done with lambic key are delayed by one letter. At a speed of 24 wpm there is a delay of about 200 ms what is not very much. The software is beta version – please advise if you find suggestions for improvements.

Software Download: FlexIambicKeyer